Yashica 230AF Samples

  I recently acquired a Yashica 230 AF kit. Alright, my girlfriend found it for me at a garage sale. I ran a couple rolls of film though it and really liked it. This camera is made by Yashica, but after the acquisition by Kyocera, so technically it’s a Kyocera Yashica. The camera body itself feels nice, typical design from the 1980s. The layout is slightly different than the Minolta 7000. The lens barrel design reminds me of a Minolta AF clone, only with the contacts and mechanical couplings at different orientations. One sad thing about the lens is, they no longer bear the name “Yashinon”, they are imprinted with “Kyocera Yashica” instead. But I’ll tell you, that 50mm 1.7 AF is sharp, and more importantly, it produces a lovely aesthetic. I actually haven’t used this camera in a while, but that’s ok, because it’s one of the great weirdo cameras that I will never sell. I took this camera on to the LST 393 (WWII landing ship), and took a walk around town. It was loaded with Kodak Tri X 400 and developed it in D76 1+1.


Yashica 230AF 2TMY D76 Grand Rapids Michigan

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