Santa School

The Santa School – Midland, Michigan
Tri X 400 @ 1600 / Yashica AF 230

So me and my girlfriend went on a vacation to Midland, MI. Neither of us had been to Midland before so we figured we’d look online and see what’s there but in the end, just decided to drive there without a map and explore. After we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, we proceeded to follow the signs to downtown. And, in Midland, there are plenty of signs, you will never get lost.  Anyway, we arrived downtown, drove by the court house, and Kari said to me: “Hey, look, there’s a guy that looks like Santa Clause over there!” I just smiled and nodded. Just as soon as I did that, she was like “Hey look, there are another 2 Santa Clauses over there.” I looked and said “What the hell?”, there were about 10 guys that looked like Santa on either side of the road. We stopped just up the road to get the visitor information pamphlets. She came back with a big smile “it all make sense now” “What? what? What do you mean it all make sense?” She backed the car up and pointed to the other side of the road. Big sign: “Santa’s School” . We turned around and stopped over there, found out that they are having class today. Apparently to be a Santa you have to learn about all the rules and laws. Very, Very Interesting.

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