Portraits Sunday I

I got a week notice for doing Family portraits on Sunday. I specifically told them not to do it at noon but, we had to do it around that time, before Abby (1 yr old ish) takes a nap. Alright, I’ll see what i can do. Went through 4 rolls of Fuji Pro 400 H 120 and 1 roll of Tri X 400 120 with my Mamiya 645 Pro in about an hour or two. Gave the camera a work out, the center piece on inside and on top of the shutter speed dial wanted to come off. That was kinda important because I like to see the line, which shows me what shutter speed i was using. My nephew broke my 1 dollar garage sale tripod, he loves throwing sticks and branches around, I lost a dollar. Anyways, the 400H still need to go to the Camera Shop in Muskegon yet. But I got the roll of Tri X developed already (of course). It was developed in D76 1:1 with less than normal agitation. Since they love to tell me to shoot against the light. Here are a few of the scans.

Cooper, Lance with Abby on his lap, and Brooklynn Playing with the leaves.

Jeff and Heidi. Once again, back-lit. Decided to use my incident-light meters instead of my spot meter. Quicker and less to worry about. Or I’ll be there forever reading the zones why they’re impatient.

Abby playing with leaves. Right before she got hungry and start putting them into her mouth. Oh right, back-lit once again, sigh. The DOF turned out nicely and pretty much exactly how i wanted.

Ben, Otis, and Jeff. Once again, but never mind, haha. The slightly less than normal agitation pays off. The highlight remains. Actually looking at the negatives all of the highlights are there. But my scanner likes to cut them out. This one i had to adjust the parameters before hand and it turned out pretty good. I figure they are scans anyways, the actual wet prints will look much better, but i get a pretty good idea now. By the way, I love Tri X.

Last black and white to show. For this roll, the scanner really likes to clip my highlights, or if it doesn’t it will turn all the faces to zone 4. This one is not too bad I guess. Took a while to make it somewhat decent though.

Gonna go drop those 4 rolls of color off sometime this week. I’m going to scan them and adjust them on the computer. One of the roll sounded funny when i was advancing it, hope that is going to be ok. Never shot 400H before, I have High hopes. especially lets see how it performs in these kind of lights.

I’m Out.

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