Double Exposure Mayhem

Me and my friend Joe Decker experimenting with double exposure with Fuji Acros 100 135/36 / My Nikon FE and His Canon AE-1. The film was beautifully developed by Joe. Here is my scan and vision of the roll. Interpret them at your own risk.

Talk is cheap, lets see the madness.





Apparently that’s what you get if you put Grand Rapids and Cleveland together.
Weird, But Good.

5 thoughts on “Double Exposure Mayhem

  1. apparently thats one of the things you get when you put great minds together. I’m really impressed by the images that stood out in front and the ones that faded away…like the hand in the 2nd frame and the chalk drawing in the fourth frame. I’m gonna shoot a color roll and send to you sometime soon…135 of course. I’ve already got some of my shots picked out. haha

    • Chalk drawing, is that what it is?! Haha.

      I’ should throw that roll in my half frame just to throw you off. Nah probably not. But sure it will be fun.

      Good work team mate.

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