Family Portrait – Part II Color

I’ve used 4 x 120 Fuji Pro 400 H with my Mamiya 645 Pro for color at the family Portrait session. After a week and $60 dollars later, I got my negatives back. I will have to say I’m not too impress with the development, they look slightly under developed in general and a few of them with left over silver deposit. Whoever the camera shop sent it out to in Lansing did NOT do a good job, might need a chat with Brian about that. Other than that they followed my special instruction to keep my negative flat and cut in 5 frames flawlessly. After 2 days of scanning and 2 more days of editing, I finally got them done, or, I’ll call it done. It takes about ~20 minutes to scan 2 frames of 645 with Digital ICE on Speed. The auto adjustments worked poorly on these rolls, as I think it’s related to the under development. Over all I am not impressed with the Pro H under direct sun light, but it performs very nice in semi shade.  The 11000px 24bit color files are more than my computer really want to handle, especially there are 60 frames. Finally i decided to downsize them all to 8000px wide to be more efficient. Now everyone can finally stop bugging me for the photos. The slower the better, that’s what I believe in but certain people do not. Anyways right now they are still in batch process to re-size as low res viewing files. I’ll start uploading images as soon as they are done… Little do I know it takes forever to re-size and I just say screw it I’m going to bed. 20 hours later its 6:00pm the next day now.


From the first roll. The Pro 400 H performs fair in semi shade. Fair grain and sharpness.

The love to tell me to shoot scene with back light, and not listen to me.
Noon wasn’t a great time to begin with. But the film performs pretty fair.

Little do you know, Back light! Yes you don’t get to see me.
Abby must have been thinking “hey you’re supposed to be behind the camera, what are you doing on this side?”

Pretty Nice skin tone, Sharper with less diffraction.

Pretty nice skin tone and color rendition over all.But of cause that’s with all the farting around in post production to get what I want out of it. Problem with doing family portraits is everyone expect you to give them everything you shot. In reality it doesn’t work that way. But I tried to edit most of them close enough to what i want. Trust me editing 11000px wide photos on a Toshiba lap top is not fun. Even with 3GB+ of ram, you still wait after each click.

Big o’ grin on Abby’s face. Trust me there are a lot of work involved, behind me. Kids do not like me.

Arguably the best frame from the series. Best for me because of minimal post production, the way it should be.

Show you one more, why not. I have doubts if i like this film under direct sunlight for portraits. With adjustments here and there with the scan, I still can get decent result, but the film seems to be too contrasty for me. Or its root is probably back to the under develop problem. Alright, I’m done here for now. You’ve seen enough, and I’m sick of looking at them because they are not 100% perfect – the way it should be.


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