Zenit 4 and Vega-3 50mm f2.8

If you read my blog post from before you’d know I’ve revived the Zenit 4 from the dead. I decided to stick a roll in there and check for light leaks. I am thinking I might get lucky. But i was pretty sure I am not gonna be that lucky that’s why I did not glue the original vinyl back on. After shooting a roll of Tri X twice, well, the first time I didn’t load it right, now we get the see the results. Take a wild guess, yes, major light leaks. Confirmed that it’s from the flap behind the mirror, and also the mirror foam. But, since the leak was semi-consistent at the same area, I was able to salvage 2/3 of the frames from some of the frames. The meter performed flawlessly after I tuned it last time (I’ll have to tune it again now since I have to tear it apart, again), and the lens was simply a beautiful piece of Soviet Engineering. Lets look at some samples.

This one wasn’t even the worst light leaks, most frames are fogged so bad they are unusable. But notice how sharp it can be.
Me shooting someone shooting somebody’s .45 long colt.


Looks normal after cropping the uninfected area. How you like this Vega-3 so far?


Rascal decided to follow me while I infiltrated the cow pasture next door. Notice how wonderful the selenium meter performed.


And when I mis-focus.


And with Diffraction. As far as I remember,  f22


Last frame!

Maybe I’ll MacGyver some light seals tomorrow for the Zenit 4. Maybe…


3 thoughts on “Zenit 4 and Vega-3 50mm f2.8

    • If you can only take one camera and one lens to an deserted island, what would it be? (lets just say you have unlimited supplies on every aspect for that specific camera, batteries if needed , chem, film)

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