Petri 7S shutter speed adjustment

For those who found a copy of the service manual but does not know what the hell its talking about regarding shutter speed adjustment. Here is a version that make sense for amateurs.

Note: Before you take your frustration on the shutter speed cam. Make sure the shutter is indeed cleaned and lubed professionally, and the blades is free of any kind of oil. And remember, under most circumstances, you only have one shutter speed cam on hand, in another words, this one is not for amateurs.

First you should be able to strip everything off from the front until you can see the shutter, I’m not gonna show you how, it’s pretty much self explanatory.  The shutter speed cam sits right on top of the shutter unit. Snip the wire at the end that connects from the body to the meter. It is optional, but it will make it a lot easier, solder it back when you’re done.

P.S. Do not break the prongs that glides along the carbon strips for the meter! Locate them before you the shutter speed cam off. But that’s what it looks like with the cam off.

The manual saids ” Strike it with a punch to make it faster, and scrape it will a file to make it slower”  That’s where its talking about. Put the cam back and you will see it moves a gear up and down. With the gear all the way up, it will be the fastest shutter speed. The fastest speed 1/500 is located on the left, to B on the right. Be careful and think it through before yous tart striking or filing it, observe what else the ring moves around.


2 thoughts on “Petri 7S shutter speed adjustment

  1. hello,

    i have a petri 7s ii camera, i have already aligned the rf focus and everything is working fine but when the shutter is cocked the speed selector feels sandy and when i go as far as b and way up again it blocks at 2. if i do it fast or without the shutter cocked there is no problem.

    can you give an advice on how to solve this or an insight on what the problem might be?



    • Hello there,

      You said the shutter speed ring feels sandy. Then I will really guess that it has dirt or sand even inside the shutter preventing it to work correctly.

      You’ll have to tear apart until the shutter speed cam (which should also be the ring) is off. and Perform some deep cleaning with solvents carefully to flush the dirt out. And this is already a “short cut”. Properly done I would dis mount the whole shutter assembly off the body off first.

      Watch out those little metal brushes for the metering when you tear stuff apart. Somewhere around 11 o’clock, oh let’s see use the photos above as reference.

      Hope that helps.


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