Too much…

Too much monkeying around with equipments and not enough serious shooting lately. Besides being brain dead working on a book and stuff. Trying to dig out negatives and files and ideas. Dug out a shot from the holga roll, the only holga roll for me. Well i figure I am perfectly capable on messing up a photo, I don’t need the help of the camera. Anyways I found this empty frame on the roll, upon further inspection, very little details shows on the negative to the naked eyes, but, my scanner tells a different story.


Holga, Chicago, Loving it.

While I’m at it, I’m gonna show you couple more frames that I found.

“Smoking Area – Fifth Third Ball Park”  – Newly Revised Edition

Morbidly underdeveloped negative, But i like the vibe of it.

“Self Portrait Zenit 4” That i took with the, Zenit 4 and Vega-3.

Alright enough playing around. Have to remind myself, I have serious stuff to do.

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