Dirt Road, Winter

“Insert My Address” or We’ll call it “Dirt Road, Winter”

   I’d like to name this photo my house number and road, but then you all will know where I live. So, No. Took this photo couple years ago with my Rolleiflex T and Potra 160 VC. Didn’t have a scanner then, never scanned it, I don’t do C prints either. Well I got bored today, decided to scan one or two, but maybe I should have scanned it sooner. I scanned this using Silverfast. Instead of choosing the right film for the ‘CCR’, i used the 400Portra NC 6×6 setting, and it looks better, leaning something new with all the settings everyday do I. Yeah still more white balancing in PSPX2 and Capture NX2, per usual for color. I have too many photos I hid from myself…

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