Zenit 4 Specification

I wrote blogs about overhauling and samples from the Zenit 4, but I never wrote the specs down for you guys did I? Here we go…

Specification… From what I can see…
Camera: Zenit 4
Type: SLR Camera
Shutter: Leaf Shutter B 1 2 4 8 15  30 60 125 250 500
Auto Reflex for the aperture: Yes
Interchangeable Prism
Interchangeable Lens
Lens Mount: Zenit’s Own Mount, It looks like a DKL mount but further research online said it is different.
ASA Range: 20-650, Also have markings for filter factors, and DIN.
Metering Cell: Selenium Cell
Metering Method: Match Needle Metering
Flash Sync: X / M via PC Sync Socket
Hotshoe/ColdShoe: None
Self Timer (V): Yes
Battery: None
Cable Release Socket: Yes
Tripod Mount: standard: 3/8″. see ISO 1222:2010 (Thanks to zenitcamera.com)
*There is another set of shutter speed number in green behind B –
4 8 15 40 60 125 250
that i have no clue on how to use it. My guess is some sort of semi automated shutter/aperture function that I haven’t figured out yet or it no longer works on this camera*

Aperture is chosen by the knob on top of the camera.
When you rotate the shutter speed ring it will set all the correct shutter speed and aperture combo.
The knob also controls the match needle, and also house the ASA settings.

Lens: Vega-3 50mm f2.8
Aperture: f2.8-22
Focus: ~0.8m – infinity
Mechanical DOF Markers
Auto Reflex Aperture

Overhauling I Overhauling II

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