Secret Panorama – Washington Street, Grand Haven

I was going through all of my photos in a particular external hard drive earlier in search for photos for the book, lets not talk about that. But I found one of my many secret little project that has not been ‘exhibit’ online before, well, why the hell not, now its the chance. The panorama was taken about 2 years ago, 2008. One cold winter night, I was bored, with an itchy finger to shoot, i took my D80 and my tripod out to Grand Haven Michigan in my plow truck. The idea was to take a panorama of the whole Washington street, from the beginning to end, and stitch it when I get back on the computer, as one continuous photo of the whole m.f. street, well one side of the street. That took a while, trust me, It’s only about 3 blocks but you take a photo every 10 steps, that’s work, lucky I did have a full pack of cigarette. After I got home, it was time to stitch it, I tried and tried over and over again in the next few days, I failed every time. Then I start inspecting the stitch reference points and such, and found my panorama has one Major flaw and there is no way it will stitch correctly. Instead of doing the usual panning on the tripod, I was literally walking down the street. Imagine there’s a tree across the street, the first photo you take will include the right hand side of the tree, and the second photo will show the front of the tree, keep walking and take the third photo, and it will show the left hand side of the tree, and so on. So I left that alone for a year or so.  One day, I got bored, yes you see the pattern here? I decided to pull that folder out, and hand layer each and single of the 40-50 photos together to form a “panorama”, the end result was pretty spectacular. I figure I have the photos I might as well make something out of it, 40 years down the road this ‘panorama’ gotta be interesting.  I did not stitch this panorama in full res as my computer would not allow it. The final full resolution as of right now is 21815 x 1500 px. After all that, i forgot about the photo again, particularly I didn’t have anyone that i want to show to, or the existence of this blog, so here is the chance.

Click to Enlarge


You didn’t think I’d upload the full res would you? And don’t steal anything from my blog.
2010 © Derek Wong , as everything else in this blog, unauthorized reproduction in part or whole will lead to legal action.

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