Homemade PX625/PX13 Replacement Adapter

Updated! Homemade PX625/PX13  Replacement Adapter!

I have completely erased the previous tutorial due to my new and VERY simple, yet effective method. First of all, I’d like to say that, people who tell you to avoid any camera equipment that uses PX625 are stupid.

Why Pay big money for a Z625PX Zinc air battery when you can….

Buy a pack of Size 675 Premium Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries (1.4V), 8 pack for $8.49! Very close to the original voltage of the 675.

The 675 Zinc Air for hearing aids are the size of the regular SR44 / LR44 button battery, Its not the same physical size as the PX625. We don’t need to make a washer, or any plastic adapter, instead. go to your kitchen and grab a bread tie. I’ll show you how I fit that in the 35RC.

Rounded up bread ties and the 675 Hearing Aid battery.

Seriously, Just like that, now put the battery door back in and enjoy.

Now, If you don’t have access to the 675 and still want to use SR44 or LR44. I will use LR44 because its 1.5V, the SR44 is 1.55V. Just make sure you know that your meter will be almost one stop off (but who really cares, or set the ISO to compensate). In a camera or meter that takes 2 PX625, such as my gossen lunar pro, the 2 LR44 will produce 1 stop difference than the PX625.

I just saved you a lot of money. Now go shoot.

6 thoughts on “Homemade PX625/PX13 Replacement Adapter

    • Sorry No i didn’t provide any images on that it is there because its so simple.

      “Long story short, basically we are just going to make the diameter of an LR44 larger, so it securely fits in the battery compartment. I used a piece of “Funny Pipe” for lawn irrigation. Using a belt sander, sand the outside down to the diameter that will fit in the battery housing, cut it down to desire height with a pair of scissors, do not use poly pipe cutters.”

      However, if you wanna read about the effect of using SR or LR 44 batteries (different voltage), keep reading the table.

      If you want to make a voltage correcting one, if my math was correct, it takes a 9ohm resistor to make it from 1.5 to around 1.3V. However, I do not know the Watt needed.

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