So I spend $20 on craigslist today..

You guys ever seen post on craigslist that doesn’t really tell you what they have, all they will say is “Lots of Darkroom equipment, $???”. Well I’ve been following one post for about a year now. At first it was over $100 dollars, so I didn’t even bother to ask. Then half a year later it came down to $50, i asked for photos and yeah all the stuff worth more than $50 but I didn’t want to spend on stuff I don’t need and they are mostly color stuff. Then 3 days ago, it was “$20 I just want to get it outta my house” . Well, when It’s $20 dollars, I can’t refuse. I got everything from the person today, and Here is what I really got.

– Omega Pro Lab B66XL / Not the color head one(Guess I could use it, I am using a B22, but I like it a lot)
– 135 and 120 Holder, and a mysterious holder, 120 opening but the 2 pieces are screwed in.
– 50 and 75mm Omega Lens (its basically free alright!?)
– Beseler Color Subtractive Calculator
– Beseler pm2L Color Analyzer
– 8×10 and 5×7 Uni Color Drums
– Unicolor Roller
– Beseler Color Filtration Filter Set
– Themometers
– Bogen Easels
– Paterson 8×10 contact print easel
– Paper Safe / Drawer
– GraLab Darkroom clock
– a made in Germany plastic safe light unit
– Kodak Color Data Guide
– Magazine, other books, leaflets and all the manual and registration cards
– a set of plastic Paterson Graduated Cylinders
– Kodak Ektacolor RC 74 8×10 papers E
– Ektacolor RC 37 8×10 Papers N
– “” “” “” “” “” F
– EKtachrome RC 8×10 F (What is this, for slides?)

See I only do BW photos, as its cheaper, but now I got all these color stuff, maybe I will do color one day. I can’t find any dates on the paper, but it looks like a century old. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do with it all, But it cost me next to nothing. I guess I will try the B66, its supposed to be better than the B22, but, I don’t understand why I was just testing it a 50mm lens with a 135neg, doing 8×10 the easel would stuck outside the baseboard already. I do like the sliding compartment for filter and glasses. And i guess i will use the color analyzer for bw printing, but its a little overkill don’t you think? Anyways, I thought I’d share my crazy purchase with you guys.

2 thoughts on “So I spend $20 on craigslist today..

  1. That was a bargain! I was given dark room equipment for free, but alas, I have neither the time, place to set it up or money to buy papers etc. But I was happy with it! Hope you are more lucky!

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