Jan 2011 Street Photography

Went out to shoot some Tri X with my Petri 1.9 with Aux Wide angle lens.
All shot @ 800 and developed at 1200.
Grand Rapids MI

Window Shot

He saw me outside and return to look at his computer, thanks for cooperating.

On the other hand, he’s screaming don’t do it.


Got a slight Bob Dylan feel going on


They sure liked me.


Liked me so much one of them ran in front intentionally hoping I will snap another one.



They were filming the show “Ice Brigade” around the corner. I think its a ice smoker.




I don’t want tickets.


Totally lost in the conversation, Love those people.

Ended up at the Japanese Restaurant on 44st with my girlfriend. This one is taken without the wide angle Aux lens. Better eh?

5 thoughts on “Jan 2011 Street Photography

  1. killer work. I’ve always respected the ability of others to capture these photos. people always look at me like some kind of freak. hahah probably because i’m photographing their children.

  2. hey,these are amazing pictures.
    i found that exact camera,petri 1.9 at a swapmeet and im taking a photography film class and i was wondering if you know any website that sells accessories for this camera,like lens,straps,flash and stuff?

    • The only accessories I know are the AUX lens for it. The set includes a wide angle aux lens, a tele aux lens, and a viewfinder that pops in the cold shoe flash. I don’t know where else you’ll find the original flash for it, I just use a cheap electronic flash with a regular sync cord. The AUX lens you will most likely find them on ebay for cheap. Remember, those aux lens are not the sharpest tools in the shed, but I still like the wide angle one.

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