Lucky SHD 100 Test Run

  I got some fresh Lucky SHD 100 -135/36 for about $1.3USD a roll. Stuck a roll in the Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 for a test run. The film came out very clear because of the thin antihalation layer, which was very easy to wash off. The final product looks as clear a seran wrap.  Not too bad if you like the glow, just have to watch out with the squeegee, this film is a lot easier to scratch.

  • D76 Straight 20C 6 1/4 Minutes, normal agitation by hand.




Please remember film tests are subject to Film Developer, Agitation Methods and other variables.

8 thoughts on “Lucky SHD 100 Test Run

  1. Go into that party store, it’ll be like pulp fiction. Great shot of Carrie in the pub, the flash acted right on that lucky…Even with high-contrast shots like the second one, the epic and the lucky stand up… I’d like to see you shoot a roll of this while metering yourself. Gotta get on to the Ultrafine! 🙂

  2. Hey Derek,

    I went to take a look at the Petri 2.8 earlier, and now the camera seem to have gotten worse… the shutter does not seem to fire… The shutter button also seems sticky (comes back up slowly after pressing)… However, I did not check if it’s because of a stuck timer button… the focus was movable (very stiff) and rangefinder seems accurate (image overlap and distance on lens seem to match)… However, the camera had obviously been dropped as there’s a big dent near the viewfinder and the front viewfinder glass has a crack on it. It does come with front cap, green and yellow filters, manual and a box. It’s selling for $28CDN now… do you think I should grab it and try fixing it / use it as a parts camera / decoration?

    I’ve also found a Petri 7s going for ~$20 on my local craigslist… do you know what are the main problems of Petri 7s? I’ve read that meter and advance lever are 2 common problems (and of cause, light seals).

    Many thanks in advance!


    • Like I said, I am sure you can pick a 1.9 up for cheaper price on ebay yet thats not dropped (might not be working) but its not broke. If $28 is nothing for you, go for it, but, meh, personally, If I were you I’d just let it go, if he can’t sell it, eventually he will go for $10. Be Patience.

      7S. Buy it. And if you haven’t read the difference yet.

      Problems with the 7S, cheaper built than 1.9. People say rewind crank problem (never had that problem), Meter problem, yes, because the carbon strips inside wears out (i fixed mine with parts from donor camera). Light seals? they got the best seals I’ve seen, Mine are original and in one piece. And if that actually cause a problem, use yarn. After all, if the 7S works (even without the meter, i mean, its selenium anyways), buy it, what is 20$ for a camera that works, from a user but not a collector point of view.

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