A weekend in life with a Rolleiflex T

Right, you guys might forgot what happens when I am not playing around and actually use good film and (known) good camera.

Rolleiflex T. HP5+ D76 1:1 20C 11min homemade Rotary. Eyeball metering.

Fishing for leaves in the ‘pond’.

He got me up a little to early in the morning.

Coming home

Raking some leaves outside and talking. Dynamic Range? you got it.

And apparently, Frisbee time.

I don’t remember what happened

Right his turn to borrow the truck.

Dragging me around the yard.

For the record, he wanted a hair cut, even though he most certainly doesn’t look like it.

Err. Yeah, Thats what she looks like when there’s Spider on the wall. Sync cord + Vivitar 252 flash handheld.


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