Almost a month of my life with a lot of cameras.

An overdue blog post, now this one is Jumbo size, Including the Nikon N2020, Ricoh Gr1, Olympus 35RC, Minolta 7000i, Mamiya 645 Pro and The Petri 1.9. Various film stated below, and D76 or TMX developer. Still gotta use up the D76 so I can mix my faktol.

Ultrafine 120 100 with 645 Mamiya at J and S wedding.

Same film, first the suggested time is wrong, and the film is thin and curly, also the lack of anti halation layer.

And its also streaky, The scans looks ok after some doctored up.

Quick snap with the 645, thought it was cute, Think his name is eric, ended up going for a beer run with him for the wedding.

Ricoh GR1 – Lucky SHD100, thats railroads car, yes the back shocks are gone, the backseat are packed with mysterious stuff.

Friends outside the pub, for smoke break.

Dog that Mysteriously showed up at my house, very nice dog, I wanted to keep it but it ended up at the pound, sigh.

Minolta 7000i, Expired TMZ, fogged like a some bitch. I like this shot.

Shot of Dan with the TMZ

35RC and Tri X,when I am at work.

Tim at his shop.

Me playing pool with Ed, Gotta love the RC.

Still 35RC and Tri X, but with Vivitar Auto 252, Flash O Matic.

Looks pretty decent

My Bar tender for that night, ended up double fisting in one hand and camera at the other.

GR1, Lucky SHD, we went for a walk Grand Haven

We successfully walked passed the ice cream stand without getting any.

Orders are messed up, RC+TX @ wedding. He doesn’t walk too good but he insist to dance over and over for some reason.

VSCDA Gingerman, South Haven MI, Gotta love the press pass.

Mustang went off track – Nikon N2020 Nikkor Q 200mm f4 Modified – Legacy Pro 400

That’s a nice group shot.

I know its not the perfect pan, but I do like the shape of this Volvo at this angle

Someone else going off track

Porsche 911 GT2, Yes its fast.

Back with the 35RC and Fake o Pan. Mustang Shelby 350, this car gave the Porsche a run for the money, for a while

35RC Legacy Pro 400 (Fake O Pan)

Tim with his 500mm f4.5 Takumar

Same film/camera , Amber at pizza hut.

Driving by at work, now why is that cow out, and a week later, its still laying at the same spot.

Kuribayashi Petri 1.9 CCS. I was trying to get her looking super bored and grumpy but I sorta missed, Shes still in deep thought though.

Another Unhappy Rider, I found plenty that day

Sweet Couple, Right, I am at Holland’s Tulip Festival 2011 I forgot to mention

Still at Holland, shot this through the car window, I was trying to get the guy on the left while the car moving, the scooter dude enter the scene by co incidence.

Coming down the slide!

A view from the Ferris Wheel

Another view from the Ferris Wheel, looking at one of the attraction at the Tulips Festival

The operator means serious business

And so is this guy.

Still Petri 1.9 but at the Zoo in GR now, he looks so happy.

Now this one is at the carnival yet, Perfect Pan with the Petri.

Julie and Cotton candy at the zoo, actually the print looks a lot better than this scan.

Look at their lips…. Smirk day?

Daddy’s Little girl.

You can tell she doesn’t like her photo taken does she. I think the Petri 1.9 did well, however, the RC is Superior, unless I am missing something here. I’ll Look into it.

3 thoughts on “Almost a month of my life with a lot of cameras.

  1. Thats pretty killer, I wondered when we were going to see all the awesome that was going on. The ultrafine, well…that failed. but you pulled some good shots out with it anyway. At least we know we can get 2.00 a roll 400ISO 120 now that actually works. That 35RC seems pretty supreme. I can’t wait until steph finishes that roll out of the Mamiya 135 and then see how they compare. I think the p3200 got xrayed in the priority mail. I’m going to have to ask them when I send up more if theres a way that I can send it where that doesnt happen.

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