Developing 616 Kodak Color II in D76

  Some of you may wonder what the results looks like developing Kodak Color II with D76 Stock. The film was found in a Kodak Junior Six-16. Bout 30 40 Years later (Now 2011) I developed this film.In reality, whenever you develop such old films, doesn’t matter what it is, if you can get one frame out of it, you’re very lucky. It all depends on the storage condition over the years. You really just have to develop and find out. The best roll I’ve developed was a roll of 1960-70s Verichrome Pan from a Kodak Duraflex. This roll of 616 takes 8 photos, I have 5 photos that showed up, and showed up very nicely on the neg. However, they are not the most interesting photos, nor sharp. Now it makes me wonder who took the photos.

         Here are the technical details:

  • Kodak Color II 616
  • D76 Stock  (16 Oz)
  • 14 Minutes and 10 Seconds at 20C
  • Agitate, Fix and Wash Like other film.
  • Film wasn’t fogged, but couple blank frames, photographer’s error

I’ll develop and scan YOUR 616 for $25 USD Shipped.


5 thoughts on “Developing 616 Kodak Color II in D76

  1. We recently bought an old six-16 at a yard sale for $5 for the fun of it and it had film it! We can’t figure how to remove it and then would we personally need to find someone with a dark room to develop it or do you know of somewhere that would expose it for us? This is kinda fun and interesting! 🙂

    • To remove the film, turn the crank/ring on the side of the camera clockwise so the film is rolled up all the way, if you are not sure, just keep turning it for 2 minutes, and at the same time, you should no longer see any letters or markings through the red window at the back of the camera. There should be a release button or lever that you have to push up or down on the side of the camera (short side, and the one side without the hinges), the back will open. After that, Pull the same ring that you rewind the film with outwards, you should be able to take the roll film out. Now, you need to wrap the roll of film with rubber bands so it wont unroll itself.

      As a matter of fact I will develop and scan your 616 film into black and white (regardless if its color or bw film) for $25USD Return shipping included. But I can not guarantee if anything will show up at all, due to the physical age, and if the film was actually properly exposed at all.

  2. I have a question if you could possible answer. What kind of tank do you use to put the film in? Is it a special size tank? I was thinking about trying to develop myself, I also found some film in an old six-16! Thanks for the interesting article!

    • Sure thing. I have 2 old developing tank from the 1960s (I think) that can be adjust up to 616. The regular newer tanks I use only go to 120. If you can find a tank for 616 its a lot easier. Need more info just ask!

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