3 Weeks with 35RC and FakeTOL

Mixed my 5 liters of Legacy Pro Ascorbic Acid Developer, i call it faketol, as in fake Xtol, but in reality, it is real Xtol. This is what i got from this 3 weeks. With the OM 35RC. And Legacy Pro 400, aka, fake-o-pan (fake Neopan, but indeed, it really is re-badged Neopan, lol ) By the way, yes the Olympus 35RC is the only thing that’s ‘real’,

Putting shoes on in the rain

Prepping the bumper before paint.

Let there be fire… and my vespa martini, shaken, not stirred.

Outside The resturant

Some Drive By shooting.

Outside the zoo jumping on stumps.

More Stumps hopping.

At Lance’s baseball game, spectators.

Random kid at zoo.

Nesi, Duck and Swan.

Sad Monkey

Lonley Monkey

Aviator glasses!

Random Girls on the train.

Nice Purse.

EXA + Neopan (Legacy Pro) + E Ludwig.


So i ran out of bw while I was out, got this 3.xx roll of Fuji 200.

I want that penguin.

Stare and dig.

Castle? cake?

At the end of the Pier.

Its that time of the year.

Where’s my bw film when I needed it.

One more time!

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