A Week In Life with a Nikon F and Nikkor-S 50mm 1.4

Nikon F with Photomic Prism, with Nikkor S 50mm 1.4 (NAI). Testing after all putting in new seals and CLA for a client. Legacy Pro 400 (Neopan) and Legacy Pro Ascorbic Acid Developer / KTOL (XTOL) 1+2 20.5C 9min 20sec home made Rotary. Man i made that 50mm Nikkor S shine.

In the store at the petting zoo.

Now this rocking chair rocks.

Inside one of the barn.

The same camel that tried to bit my arm off.


Those are some nice swings.

Random people at the zoo.

More goat.

I really like how they did this, you have to put food in a cup, crank the belt and it will raises the cup up to the second story of the barn, where there usually will be a goat waiting for you, or they will run up there when they see you doing that.

Alpaca! Didn’t spit on me this time.

Another view of the Alpaca.

He got a very interesting pose.

Teaching her how to rope, i did ok actually.

Rubber ducky race! You pump water at one end and see how back the duck goes down and come back up, its a u shaped PVC tubes.

You can probably see it better with this photo.

They might be heavier than me!

Me doing 1/8 of a sec tack sharp, yes i was laying on the bed.

Jaida from cross the street, i gave her some poppers, pop-its, whatever you call that.

Bree lighting some fireworks.

Grumpy Pants.

I think they might be sad. Spanning 3 generations.

Playing in the rain.

I think the Nikon F and the 50 1.4 S is good. And i finally found the dilution of Xtol that works flawlessly.

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