People at the Festival of the Arts 2011 Grand Rapids Michigan

Street photography of the people at the Festival of the arts 2011 at Grand Rapids Michigan. June 5th, Sunday. We went to the festival, of course i took my camera to tag along for some street photography, its long over due. My new custom made seals on the RC worked out great. Lots of people, lots of food, lots of art, and lots of fun. All they’re missing is my stuff in there of course.

Olympus 35RC, Legacy Pro 400 (Neopan), Legacy Pro KTOL (XTOL) 1+2 Rotary.

There were lots of food booth, here is one of them.

Chicken Skewers

All the chefs at one of the booth.

Another booth

Italian Food

I lost track, but more food.

As you can tell all kinds of food from different culture. And all good.

Lots of police officers walking around, very safe place to be.

Reading the program at the side of the road.

Street Photographer’s heaven? Sadly I am the only one that i saw with real bw film around.

This is just plain awesome, i used it.

Lots of people picking up pop cans, i should do that next year.

A very close up without her noticing at 42mm.

I messed up the order, oh more food!

The mask on the boy says, friend of the festival.

Cheers mate

The Magnetic Jewelery booth.

Same mask.

I wish it also said No standing besides no parking.

I still does not know which booth people got that lamb at, i need some next year.

I didn’t do it.

Ice cream, texting on the phone, sidewalk.

I missed when they do the high five. I am too cheap to keep the meter on all day.

Sleeper Number One.

Inside the elevator of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, they did have a real Ansel Adams print in there. I have books by Ansel Adams, but trust me, you need to see the real prints, I don’t stand infront of a photograph more than 1 minute that often, especially 15 minutes and they had to drag me away from it.

Electric scooters everywhere.

This guy is the man, combing, walking, and his sun glasses falling off at the same time.

Hey, its not a wheel chair, you shouldn’t have to push it.

I need one next year, to do some drive by shootings with my camera.

I don’t remember the name of it but I think the pencil is stationary, and you move the whole table to draw.

I see people. At a different perspective.

Eating more food and figure out where to go.

Drive through?

Group of people playing drums, and they welcome any kids who wished to join them.

*Drum roll*

They were also dancing, I didn’t know Dan was there. I found you Dan. lol

More dancing, too hot for me but everyone else had fun.

Nice group of people really.

Thanks to my girlfriend to show me the bathroom.

I think they provide massage services for people who worked at the festival.

Of course, every festival has a balloon guy. This one is nice enough to smile for me.

TV / Video crew filming one of the music event on a scissor lift.

He looks serious.

One of the band playing at one of the many stages, the video guy above was filming them.

My finger is in the way, there were chalks on the side walk for kids waiting to get their air brush tattoos.

Actually interesting to read them once in a while.

This event staff was carrying lots of boxes crossing the street, one fell, and the lady helped picked it up.

Another stage and its musical guests.


Thats where I took the photo from above.

Sleeper #2. One of the pop can pickers.

Lady sitting round talking, the guy at the very left actually stopped and you can see him walking backwards, as he noticed me I am taking a photograph.

Thats it for the Festival of the Arts, couple misc photo from the same roll of film, well one of the three rolls.

Cat checking out the window.

Sitting in the garage looking at the rain.

I cooked corn on a cob, salmon, and ribs on the grill.

Well, he helped! ( or Tired to anyways!)

That’s it folks, see you next time. Not too sure what I want to print in the darkroom now.

Legal Notice

You May NOT Display, Print, Copy, Transfer, Save, Or Reproduce

Any of These Photos In This Gallery on Any Medium

Without a Written Contract From Derek W © 2006-2011.



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