Another weekend with 35RC

Olympus 35RC, Lucky SHD 100, Faketol 1+2 Rotary 11 1/2

This one is classic. Mr Dolly Parton there.

I like that old school control booth

One of my fav from this roll. Might be too small for you to see.

How much is that doggie in the window?

The air brush tattoo guy, very professional and meticulous about his work.

I bet you 10 bucks its not freshly squeezed.

Apparently I am talented on panning kids on rides.

I wouldn’t want her job. By the way from what i heard the lady on top of the pole is around 72 years old.

Albino deer running wild, what are the odds, last time i saw an albino deer was in the petting zoo in St Ignace.

Glowly highlights.

At the river and comes a mysterious friendly dog that loves to play catch.

And she loves to swim.

After she fetch the object, she always put it on the river bank, instead of giving it back to you.

Another one of my fav shot from the roll.

That’s it for this post folks.

© 2011


8 thoughts on “Another weekend with 35RC

  1. Amazing! My dog does the same thing…I think she thinks if the game is that she is supposed to find it catch it, then that is part of the fun for you too – hahaha!

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