A week with dehk

This blog post will be in 3 sections. First section will be Travis visiting MI,  Second Section will be Matt and Kelly’s reception, and Third section will be the rest of the street photos AND PROBABLY WHERE THE GOOD STUFFS ARE AT.. Camera wise, it will be Mamiya 645 Pro (55mm Sekor)and the Minolta 600si(50mm Minolta and some Sigma Zoom). Film would be Tri X 120, Ultrafine Extreme 400 / 120 (and its awesome), and Legacy Pro (Neopan) 400 in 135. All in diluted XTOL and Rotary. Lets me start uploading.

You know, a darkroom printing session is long over due, and I know it’ll look much better than scans.

Making fun of me smoking on Washington.

Random shot of him driving

At the Pub

At the Pavilion.

At Grand Haven

Ring the bell! It’s the rule.

Out at the Main light.

White River Light Station

Him and Ponyo

Yeah a shot showing the whole light house, all there is missing is the sign “I was here”

Some nice emotion here.

This would be Ultrafine Extreme 400 120.

We went to Comedy club @ the Jacks later that night.

Probably looking at porn on the phone, or the bank account.

I dont Know whats going on. Nights over, See ya Travis.

Now PART II – The Reception

Ever focus on someones back and wait till he turns around? By the way those are all Ultrafine Extreme 400 in 120. Very nice.

Alright, if I bored the hell outta you, here is Part III, Random Street and Good Stuff.

Inside the Candy Shop

Poo Sold here, as I’ve heard.

I like this one, I am thinking i need to be closer though, how i didnt bring any RF with me so I can’t be Stealth.

Yeah me laying around photographing people walking by.

More photos for the Jump Series.

Didn’t catch their names, but thanks for the shots.

Right, Straws on dog poop on the pier, if you solved this mystery, let me know.

Walked outta the bathroom, and saw this scene, Quickly ask dudes permission and went to town.

Right, Bubbles.

Nice Mask.

Alright, I am tired of adding imgs, see you all next time.

6 thoughts on “A week with dehk

  1. I love the jump shots and the kids shots too (oh.. I haven’t figured out the mystery of straw on the poop :p)

  2. Awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all had a blast in Michigan. U gotta come down to the heat and check out Texas!!! It’s all kinds of crazy peeps for you to take pics of!!!

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