Hidden Treasure – Historic Fishtown in Leland Michigan

On a trip to the Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore, decided to keep heading north to explore, discovered the town Leland Michigan, aka the Fishtown. I would have had more photo if I loaded my konica 35mm right. This blog post I am gonna post the bw photos, as I haven’t send my 120 color out yet.I’ll blog them later or add them here, that is if i have enough photos, I honestly do not remember what I took with colors, I just keep swapping my backs here and there.

Fishtown, a pretty cool place, lovely shanties and stores, including “the dam candy store” next to the, dam. Its not really that big, but totally got a very nostalgic feeling to it as in time travel. Also to mention, the cove makes a pretty good chubby mary, which is a bloody mary, with a chub in it, and they serve fresh fish and produces. Alright lets see some photos.

Driving down the road saw some interesting old shanties decided to park and check it out. Now the road side of this place doesn’t really look that special, until you….

Go around to the “back side” of it, which and you will see shanties on both side of the river.

And you will find couple stores and the docks are fulled of fishing boats and rent a yacht for fishing trips.  And I have to say the water is still pretty clear!

Yes I know i had my 645 with me but who said I can’t do street with it.

One of the many beautiful shanties.

At the end (or the beginning of the board walk/ dock). Rick’s cafe, up stair’s the Cove. In the middle is a dam, and on the right is a hotel.

The town is a gem. Right, and next to the fish town is the ferry to North and South Manitou Island.

Well If i find more photos on my c41 120 I’ll post them here.

For more info on the fish town

Mamiya 645 Pro. Tri X. FakeTOL.

10 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure – Historic Fishtown in Leland Michigan

  1. Some of the best-toned black and white that I’ve seen from you in a while…especially those last two. Pretty Awesome. Bring on the C41~! And, who says you can’t use med format for street, especially with Koller panning with a Rolleiflex.

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