Hidden Treasure – Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

Yesterday I blogged about the History Fishtown in Leland, MI . Today I am going to blog the other part of my trip last weekend, which would be one of my favorite place on earth, the Sleeping Bear National Lake Shore. That place always have a special place in my heart, because its simply beautiful. The dunes, glen haven, glen arbor, Leland, crystal lake, just a few place to mention. Same as the last post, i still haven’t sent out my 120 c-41 yet, so I’ll blog all the black and white for now, maybe i will add the color ones here or put it as a separate blog in the future.

Last time i went to the sleeping bear dunes was mainly digital, this time was full-blown film, it has different feel to it and different purpose, black and white is almost more journalistic to a point. Lets go back 3 years and see what it looks like.

Sleeping Bear Dunes 2008

Alright, lets see whats going on in 2011.

 Glen Haven Beach.

Canoeing by Glen Haven

Bw film and without a polarizer probably wouldn’t do justice for this, but this is how clean lake Michigan can be.

Beach at Glen Haven right by the Maritime Museum.

Point Betsie Light house

One of the many parks by the area, this leads to a picnic area. I am thinking about glen lake.

This is the North Bar Lake, on the other side of the sand, is lake Michigan. Water is crystal clear, sometimes the North bar lake actually goes into lake Michigan depending on the water level. It’s almost like a lagoon, simply beautiful.

A look at the dunes on one of the highest point, 450 ft drop down to Lake Michigan. You will find all these in the Scenic Drive.

One of the attraction / trails at the scenic drive.

Same as previous

View of the dunes over looking the North Manitou Island.

The Smartest guy at the dune, watching people killing themselves climbing back up on a lawn chair.

My favorite part of the dunes.

That? that’s before the “DROP”

Most people only goes as far as that, if you notice the white head on the water at the bottom, that will be the actual beach.

People looks like ants crawling back up. Did i do it, No, don’t feel like climbing up and down with my camera bag. Yes, a bad photo, don’t ask me why.

Sign said ” Steep Eroding Bluff. KEEP OFF. May cause injury or Heat Illness. Rescue Fees will be charged”

Below: Someone puking their brains out after the return climb, ignoring the warning.

Alright Now i must say, that is a new sign, which is in ugly orange. I absolutely hated it. The old ICONIC SIGN was made of wood, all carved out, and said somewhere along the line of “WARNING, 450 foot drop to lake Michigan, no running, no throwing rocks, return climb will be extremely exhausting”.   Hey National Park guys, Put the old sign back on. The new one SUCKS.

See that’s what the older sign looks like, different sign of coz.

I can’t resist to do some “Street” Photos with the OM Infinity Stylus I have at the back pocket eh.

All photos copyrighted Derek “dehk” Wong 2011. Do not transmit , display or use without a written Contract.

Mamiya 645 Pro, Tri X, TMX, XTOL, 55mm Sekor.

For More Information, visit http://www.sleepingbeardunes.com

2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure – Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore

  1. Derek- I really like your dune photos. You really get a feeling of sky, sand, and big lake from them. Did you use a wide angle lens? And how about a yellow or orange filter?

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