Silver Gelatin Prints – July

When I develop a roll of film, I usually just scan it right away, but I won’t set up my darkroom to print anything right away, since its not a designated darkroom. Besides paper cost a lot of money, and I always like big prints better than 5×7. Weeks ago I acquired a box of Ilford Multigrade III 8×10 RC for cheap, to my surprise, there were some Kodak mixed in between, of coz I didn’t find that out until I dry them, even tho I did notice the sudden change of tonality and time during print. And you know, I ain’t just gonna print every frame that i captured, so this is actually some best of moment as of late.

Here are 20 8×10 Silver Gelatin Prints from yesterday. On the other note, I am growing to hate my scanner.

“Sad Monkey”, My favorite print of this session. John Ball Zoo, GR.

Kid with mow-hawk staring at me at a carnival, while the other guy helplessly sitting under the heat.

Some drive by shooting out the window. What are the odds of that.

Very Very interesting encounter with this guy here.
Full story HERE

Not the best print, but I am conserving papers. Its one of those times that you bring out the camera at the right moment.

Very nice fella showing off his “skills” for me.

Totally missed out on them 2 doing the high-five. Apparently two friends just bumped into each other on the street, you can still tell the joy behind it though.

Random guy at the candy/liquor store. I like the settings.

Lady picking up empty bottles and cans at the Grand Rapids Festival of art, I snapped this right after she get a drink of pop under the hot sun.

One of my new favorite place on earth, Leland Michigan

One of the shanties at Fishtown, Leland, MI

Another drive by shooting while I was at work. Why is the cow sitting in the driveway untied. But the cow is not running away either. I think that cow was pregnant. Made two copies of this, DSK is gonna get one, that is, when I get around to the Post office, with money.

This is when the change of paper throws my analyzer off, still a good print, could be a little lighter. The mysterious dog that showed up while we were playing in the river up in Branch.

Well, a view of the Sleeping Bear Dunes, ND4X Grad worked out pretty good, Or this is the Orange Filter, I can’t remember, But i am not too impressed with the TMX.

I have my camera around me on many occasions. Even When I am going to, well, drink. This is Tim’s looking at me thinking “Son of a bxxxx, he’s drunk and he got a camera” Behind Tim you can see the hood of his 67 Ford Thunder Bird standing up.

Well, I got scammed into taking some portraits at a family wedding, that’s all because I had my camera with me, turned out pretty good.

But this one turned out even better, and yes, this is Ultrafine Extreme 400 120.

I am pretty good at panning the carousel. apparently, as I mentioned before.

Dee’s first visit to Michigan, casual photo of her and Travis walking down the Grand Haven Pier. Whats not so causal was me walking around with the Mamiya 645 Pro, AE Prism, 55mm Lens but with a huge lens hood. Well, there were a lot of people walking around with cameras, i figured I’d play around and show off, However, a lot of them asked me “Is that a movie camera”
OK I think I need to buy a  Speed Grafax.

I don’t know why Travis have this intense look on his face, while Dee look all smiley. Nah, this is one of Travis signature look, haven’t seen him for two years, but something never changes.

I walked out of the bathroom and what did I see? I quick asked the Dad’s permission and took this photo, the Dog was actually scared of me for a second. However it’s owner clam him down for me. Nice fella, that’d do that for me, Thank You.

Tech Mumbo Jumbo
Omega B66 / Dektol / Beseler PM2L / Ilford MGIII RC 8×10

Camera used, but not limited to
Petri 1.9 / Olympus 5RC / Maxxum 600si / Mamiya 645 PRO

Film used, but not limited to
TMX / Neopan 400 / Ultrafine Xtreme 400 120 / Tri X / Lucky SHD

Something like that……………………………………

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