Car show at Ravenna Dog Daze N Cruise 2011

I’m going to blog about Ravenna Dog Daze N Cruise 2011 this week. I am going to mainly focus on cars rather than street photography because i spend most time between cars and the beer tent. Bought the N2020 out with a 28mm f4.5 + R25 with Neopan Developed in Xtol.

Old cars looks much better in silver gelatin, I can tell you that much.

Welcome to Ravenna, Michigan.

Road Kill.

F* Yeah.

Shanna working hard that day.

Good O’ Tim.

And the good o’  other Tim. Test shot in Curt’s garage making sure I loaded the film right.

5 thoughts on “Car show at Ravenna Dog Daze N Cruise 2011

  1. The cars back then had interesting (almost stimulating) shapes. The new ones may be faster, eco friendly etc, but they look like crap. And anyway who can run 250 mph, at a public road… Nice work my friend!

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