This week’s not so great blog post

Here are some “Meh” Photos from the past couple weeks.

Infinity Stylus Neopan 400- Alicia

Stray cat behind Tim’s shop

He’s happy. He is happy.

You don’t have a camera with you right? *Whip out my Infinity Stylus* Don’t you son of a bitch.

Petri 1.9 with R26 filter. WHite caps game. My Fav VW!

Infront of me at the game.

Back with the stylus. Frankie!

Now back to the Petri 1.9 . Steve always have that look.

Many faces and pose at the whitecaps game, still Petri.

Now we change over to a random car shows at Battle Creek MI, Rolleiflex with Lucky SHD 100, D76.

I am a firebird / trans am guy, therefore i love this photo.

The ultimate shopping cart.


Thats me on the bumper.

The end of shitty photos.

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