Blog Post, September

This is what happened last couple weeks…
Adventure in a mixture of BW Developer I decided to call it DEHKTOL, Neopan 400 + Olympus 35RC / Rotary. And then will be my c41 Adventure with the Maxxum 600si, not by will, running low on BW film. I got some consumer Fuji 400 XTRA or some shit like that, and literally, developed by Walgreens. Oddly the color from the walgreens scans looks better than my 4490 scans. You are going to see the walgreens scan, but at 600w, you won’t see the grain anyways.

Introducing the Kelly Miller Circus with my 35RC wide open

One of my Fav “PSP Cowboy”

Actually very good show.

Back it up!

Err. Didn’t saw that when i snapped it.

America’s One Ring Wonder

Spider Tent

I need one of them.

Grand Haven Pier

Patterson Park

Last of the 35RC, Picnic.

Starting now, the Maxxum 600si. At Mia and Grace, probably best restaurant / bistro in muskegon.
Right, that looks like a romantic dinner. Well, i wasn’t the best coz i am holding the camera to my face too.

I can barely move, and she wanted to go for a walk.

The Muskegon Break Water Light.


Watching the sunset, wait the sun already set.

Not too bad for just putting a camera on top of her.

Kalamazoo. I don’t know why its so interesting to the right, both of them are looking at way.

Labor day weekend, actually very quiet there. This is on Kalamazoo Mall.

We found Victor Hugo in Kzoo.

The Kalamazoo Gazette Bot.

Now to North Shore Grand Haven, Yes C41 sucks.

Some brave souls out there, it gotta be cold.

I like this idiot a lot.

Not sure if they know what they’re doing.

This is not bad, it get way worst on the way back from the end.

But of coz, I ran out of film before i got to the end. Its ok, it will continued by a roll on neopan in the Argus “Brick” c3. Developing in the near future, when I find enough junk to photograph. The Brick got thru the punishment by wave, blowing water over the pier, and blowing sand on the way back. But, the Brick lived up to its name, it was unharmed.

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