Argus C3 with Sandmar 35mm f4.5 Test, ERA Film Test, and more…

Specifically for this test I was using the Argus C3 Colormatic body with a Argus Sandmar 35mm f4.5 with a lens hood. I have another c3 body, the colormatic pretty much just has different color shutter speed for different film, other than that its identical to regular C3. At the bottom of the lens barrel of the Sandmar, it saids “Enna Werk Munchen U.S. Zone Germany. You’ll be surprised how well the Sandmar performs. The only set back was that the Rangefinder was designed for 50mm lens, and I can not mount (well weak glue, temporarily) my wide-angle finder securely on the camera body, so framing is a a while guess. For this test i chose Freestyle photo’s Legacy Pro 400 film, ok, which in short and precisely, Neopan 400. Developed in my special blend of developer, which i call dehktol. It might have been on the thin side probably due to trying out the developer and guesstimating the exposure.

Right, I got off track, I was talking about the camera right. Here’s a very quick run down.

Body: Bakelite, Black with Chrome trim.
Shutter: Leaf, In body, B, 1/25 – 1/300 written, it should go around 1/25 to 1/350
Separate Viewfinder and Rangefinder, both 50mm no  frame lines.
Manual film advance and shutter cocking, separate, a two part procedure. But also means multiple exposure possible.

Lets see some photos, and at the end, there are some Rolleiflex with HP5 and a Chinese film called ERA as well.

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