People of Midland Antique Show and Grand Rapids Art Prize 2011 with Exa & Steinheil Culmingon

Midland Antique Show 2011
Art Prize Grand Rapids 2011
Ihagee EXA (Black Flange) with Wasit Level Finder
Steinheil Culmingon 35mm f4.5 Hyperfocal
Film: Adox CHS 25 and Polypan F 50
also Nikon F4 and Tri X
Xtol Stock

I decided to take the EXA and Culmingon out for some street photography, as mentioned before it was taken at the Midland Antique Show and Art Prize. And at the end of the post there are photos taken by my girlfriend and an F4. Here we go.

Midland / EXA / Cumingon (Hyperfocal) / Adox CHS 25 / Xtol

Cinderella was at the antique sale.

She had to be hot wearing that.

Single file youngest to oldest in family.

I damn near got ran over by Col. Sanders.

Adox CHS 25 is beautiful.

She must be bored.

This is what happened when I didn’t advance properly, ruined a great photo.

And me being cheap shooting the first frame.

The Gyro was SO expensive. Should have went with italian sausages.

Angry Amish. Only people that spotted me that day shooting from the hip.

Guess he found something at the show too.


You do it now!

Intermission. Grand Haven Main Light. ~5 Min exposure.

Art Prize Grand Rapids / EXA / Culmingon / Adox CHS25 / XTOL

Playing in the mist

They are not moving fast enough for him

Guy was burning wood with the sun and magnifying glass.

Petting dog, interesting, the chick on the left, her pose, more interesting.

Self Explanatory.

There were lots of dogs in GR that day.

Guess who I found that day. Joe and Karly walking around with their special slushy.

I love shooting from the hip.

I did like that dog, its pretty cool.

Reviewing the photo they gave me the vibe of “I’m rich”

Monkeys hanging on the bridge, yes they are metal, i was waiting for one to fall on me.

Guy was rocking the sewer cover for rhythm.

The silver dude ran out of batteries for his CD player. And he glared at me when he spotted my camera.

Art Prize / EXA / Culmingon / Polypan F / Xtol

Give me my hot dog!

Chillin at the bus stop.

Another street artist.

He was actually pretty good.

What is going on to the left, seems like that’s everone looking at except for the lady.

They formed a circle taking photos of their feet / shoes.

kari will have a better photo of this later.

Got you!

See? More dogs.


Yes, I have no idea why this is on the street , but its by a road construction site.

She was standing there in that pose for more than 5 sec, and thats the result of the 5 seconds rule.

The silver man fixed his Cd player later that day.

Just random

So romantic, but who’s he texting?

Hey… mr… man play a song for me.

Another 5 second rule.

Never stuck around long enough to listen but looks interesting.

Last shot from me.

Art Prize / Nikon F4 / Tri X 400 / Xtol

My girlfriend surprised me by taking up the offer for a camera that day. She actually went with the  F4 and Tri X. Right, I have my RC in my back pocket that’s why! She did pretty good actually, but I know she could get away with more stuff with the F4 than I would have.

Hot dogs.

Joe called this a Chinese ripped off.

Her version is better!

Nikon Grandpa!

This is a part/section of the #2 place for art prize, it is very sweet.

it turned out very nice

Band that was playing that day.

SWEET Photo.
She was twisting balloon animals for kids. One of the kids did something and made her laugh, at the same time, she looked up and my girlfriend snapped it. Perfect.

Right, so, yes, there is the 35RC with photos for this series too, but then I am not done with it. Maybe you will see them in the future if theres anything good. Alright, I’m out.

8 thoughts on “People of Midland Antique Show and Grand Rapids Art Prize 2011 with Exa & Steinheil Culmingon

    • Hope you pre soak it I heard its better for that film.
      And let me know how that works out link me to your photos or something!

      Have fun!

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