Polypan F 50 Test

Polypan F 50 Bulk @ ISO 50
(Courtesy of Stephanie A)
Olympus 35RC
Xtol 1+2 by hand
This is really my 2nd roll of Polypan, however I didn’t fully agree with the Time I found on Massive Dev Chart. This roll looks more like it, however, its less interesting.

If you want something interesting click here to go to my art prize street post instead.

Taken the same night with the EXA and Culmingon.
You might ask me why use the RC for night shots, well why the hell not.

People like to walk infront of my camera. But i know it won’t catch it.

Go there after 2 you will find all kinds of drunks, just like how steak and shake used to be till you can’t smoke in there anymore. Stupid.

Washington Street, Grand Haven

I always like this part of the dock.

Went grab some Jimmy John’s for lunch at Harbor Island

Random fishermans starts here.

I threw some bread down infront of me and all of a sudden we were surrounded by 15 ducks.

Focus? What does that mean?

Had the RC in my back pocket at Art Prize for backup incase something goes wrong with my EXA. Turned out I didn’t use it much.

Dad caught me. Not the kid nor Jesus on the right.

Happy Halloween.

Please remember film tests are subject to Film Developer, Agitation Methods and other variables.

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