Photos, November 29th

Here’re some photos I’ve shoot these couple weeks. Nothing Too Fancy.

Me intruding the Vanderjagt’s Saturday while the kids was on a bike ride, yes i was walking, well running.

Before we leave, I decided to take a photo of Bree and Saywer as they were playing golf. I took my OM Stylus Infinity out of my jacket ( That’s loaded with Kodak gold 200to take a photo of them. However, the flash is taking too long to charge, so threw the stylus back in the pocket, turn around and grab my F4 (Tri X 50 1.4) off the counter, focus and…….

That’s when Sawyer Says.. “Seriously?! (Probably thinking what’s the malfunctions with me and cameras)


Getting ready for bike ride. F4 AIS50 1.4 Tri X

Do the mash potatoes. F4 AIS50 1.4 Tri X

Train. F4 AIS50 1.4 Tri X

At Fricano’s Pizza Tavern. Petri 1.9 Tri X @ 1.9

Another view at the Pizza Place.

At Mia and Grace Restaurant, Once again @ 1.9.

Diners and Waiters at Mia and Grace

Making cake, i think. Minolta Maxxum 5, 50 AF 1.7

Let me introduce you to MAX. F4 AIS50 1.4 Tri X

Drag Racing on my Droid. F4 AIS50 1.4 Tri X

My other racer for Drag Racing. F4 AIS50 1.4 Tri X

Really I am at level 10. 1/2 mile is 7.260. World Record in the game is 7.255. Blah…

-The End-

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