Stand Development with XTOL and TMZ

  • Minolta 7000i – Multi Segment Metering
  • Minolta AF 50mm f1.7
  • Kodak TMAX P3200 (TMZ) (Old + Fogged) set at ISO 2000
  • XTOL 1+7 @ 19C
  • 3 Hours Stand Development

The goal was to see if I can control the grain a little better on the TMZ P3200 with stand development. I know the film IS fogged before I even loaded it, it has nothing to do with the development. Interpret the result freely, but I prefer pushing Tri X to very high ISO, here is a link to the Tri X ISO 25600 Experiment.

3 thoughts on “Stand Development with XTOL and TMZ

    • Stand development has two main characteristics.
      First, use developer in extreme dilution. Usually developer like Pyro or Rodinal, Or Even Caffinol. D-76, ID-11, T-Max are NOT Recommanded. But I did it just to prove it works.
      Secondly, besides agitating the tank in the first 30 seconds, you let it sit for however long required (Trial and Error, Luck, or from other’s data)
      Semi Stand means it will be agitated once in the middle of the session.

      Why Stand development, it is to control the over contrast. It is an extreme example of compensating development. When developer exhausted on the highlights, the Mid-tone and shadows will continue developing. Most cases you get a lot of Mid-tones. Also, you get more acutance.

      Usually there is reason to use Stand Development (as stated above), But I did it because I wanted to see what it looks like on TMZ and weather XTOL will work in that condition at all. This experiment proves, XTOL works in this parameters, It is relatively fine grain, and help boost the mid tone instead of higher contrast as TMZ should be.

      I have ideas for the next experiment, but you will have to wait and see.

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