Ultrafine Premium Black and White 400 Review

  I found a roll of black and white film at the thrift store couple weeks ago for 50 cents. Usually I won’t buy them simply because I don’t know how expired they are. However, I know it is a roll of Ultrafine so I am guessing it can’t be that old and decided to take a chance. I really have no idea what kind of Ultrafine this is. It is not the xtreme, nor black and white plus. All it said was Premium Black and White film – 400. My guess is this could well be the regular Ultrafine Black and White 400, unless they made a Ultrafine Premium in the past.



And the strangest thing happened.



  • Considering the unknown condition or age of the film, it worked exceptionally well!
  • It is sharp, and has fine grain
  • It has sufficient anti-halation layer
  • It has decent film base
  • It aged well in unknown condition
  • I imagine it is competitively priced
  • I do recommend this product, given if you can identify it, and locate it.


Further Reading:

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Please remember film tests are subject to Film Developer, Agitation Methods and other variables.


alternatively name for this post: Gingerbread House.

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