Coloring Black and White Photographs

  So I was watching TV earlier tonight. The movie Miracle on 34th street was on. But instead of the black and white version, it was showing the color version of it. I was adoring how the color looks in that movie. And decided to experiment with my own coloring.  Couple hours later, this is what I came up with.

So…. If those people in my previous blog post (Photograph from the 1950s) were in color..

The Major Problem was. You have to know what colors were popular in that specific time frame. I had no clue. But instead of doing some research, I decided to be creative. To make it look good is not as easy as you think. The background will be more challenging actually, I decided to leave that alone.

   He turned out alright, but once again the background will give you headache. As as experiment I decided not to be too crazy. I did try to color the car behind, however I still couldn’t agree on the color yet.

Well after the first two photographs I got a little more ambitious. So I decided to go out to the living room and find a black and white photograph. Well, Grandpa’s photo will do the trick. The photo itself wasn’t in the best shape. I think I did a fairly good job on restoring it and turning it into color.

All Images Done In Corel PSP.

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