Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.7 Test

Lens: Hexanon AR 50mm 1.7
Camera: Konica Autoreflex TC
Film: Kodak 400HD C-41 Expired developed by Walgreens.
Sorry about the boring photos, a little burned out here.

Click here to see the new Konica HEXANON(S) TEST

Firing the Konica Autoreflex TC is pretty much like chopping carrots. You will feel the thud. This is 1/30 f1.7, with slight motion blur cause by the camera.
By the way, Ryan saved me this special cookie. Yes I did eat it balls and all.

1/30 f1.7 , why do I even bother with C-41 anymore.

Once again 1/30 f1.7

1/250 f5.6

Crop from full size 2400dpi scan.

There, you have it. The Len’s great, the camera body I am not too sure of.

Click here to see the new Konica HEXANON(S) TEST

5 thoughts on “Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.7 Test

  1. man the autoreflex tc is one handsome camera (looks a lot like a nikkormat)
    can’t say the same for it’s operations htough… :\
    feels crude compared to nikons haha

    • The hexanon 1.7 is most definitely sharper than a nikkor equivalent. However I need a better body the shutter on the TC bounces too hard.


  2. The AR 50mm F1.4 is just as sharp and many Hexanon users argue the 50mm 1.8 is just as good as either. The 40mm F1.8 is also very sharp but mine has more CA then both my 1.7 and 1.4. I find the Contax Planar T* 1.7 or the Yashica ML 1.7 slightly ahead of all of these. But you know what? Some 50mm lenses perform better in certain uses than others, Pentax Takumar lenses for instance are engineered for closer optimum performance than distances, things like color rendering effect perceptions as well….. To me the AR Hexanon 50 1.7 is best suited for distance details and landscapes and as a portrait lens it’s on level playing field with many of the best 50’s. The best bargains out there are this Hex 50 1.7 though, price point to performance level is incredibly hard to beat for sure….. wide open performance goes to a Summilux or the MC Minolta 50mm 1.4 PG hands down the 2 best at 1.4 in manual focus…. remarkably better than the rest of the pack you’d have to go AF to closely equal (Canon USM 1.4)…my 2.13 cents

    • I do have the MC PG Rokkor 50 1.4, I’d have to say I like it more than my MD 50 1.4, but then for some odd reason I like the look of my 58 1.4 PF Rokkor better, must be the glow!

      Thank you for your input sir, I always wanted to hear others opinions.

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