First Week Of January

Here’s what happened in First Week of January, 2011.
EXA42 (Custom), Sekor 50 f2. And Nikkormat FT, AIS 50mm 1.4.
Tri X and TMX (Semi Stand / Over Developed)


6 thoughts on “First Week Of January

  1. Nice!
    You’d think it’s Spring, people sitting at the end of the pier.

    Nice rack.
    If only this frame wasn’t over exposed and developed.

    Who on earth is drawing out in the cold.

    Deep Thoughts.

    First time the beach isn’t iced up and looks like Antarctica in 11 years, that I know of.
    Taking care of some paper works.
    Taking photo of taking photo of the book store.

    This painting is new at one of my spots, And It reminds me of Jake and Elwood.

    Amber does the same thing that I do all the time.
    Chatting inside Tim Horton’s.
    Mixing up ice cream over the marble slab.

    Probably my favorite photo other than the first photo on this post.
    Red Lobster, she actually likes her job.

    New Years Eve, it was loud.
    At the Grand Rapids Public Museum
    Houston, we have a problem.

    LOL maybe they should have switched.
    My Lapdog.

    That would be a nice poem.!

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