Winter Wonderland – Michigan

Kodak Tri X Pan 5063

   Joe sent me 4 rolls of Tri X Pan 5063 Expired in 1987. As a matter of fact they look so pretty I didn’t wanna use it. Well besides, I have doubt if anything will show up at all. On the Box is said, Founding Sponsor, Liberty 1886 – 1986. Man this film are just couple of couple years younger than me. Anywho, I don’t have any 400 speed film left at all, so I am forced to find out if these film works at all. Bought the Nikkormat FT with an AIS 1.4 50mm out to sledding at the Coast Guard Park, got some nice stuff. I decided to do a 1 1/2 hour semi stand with Xtol 1+7 to make sure something do show up. Results are decent, slight fog through out and occasionally patches here and there. I am just thrilled that it was able to capture some fantastic images.

This frame turned out to be one of my favourite of all time.
I printed this into 16×10 in the dark room.

The Nikkormat didn’t miss a beat out in the cold for Hours!
A thank you to the guy who donated to me (well it WAS broken, but not anymore!).

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