Film – 341 – 600

About 10 seconds later, my 5 year old as see on the previous photo asked if he could take a photo. I went set it to 1/30 and f1.4, same as before. I handed the camera over.

Boy: How do I use this camera?
Me: Take that big ring in the front, turn it until it’s clear, and push the button
Boy: (turns ring till infinity) It doesn’t turn anymore
Me: Ok now turn it the other way until its clear.
Boy: Ok, Click.

Now, His photo is not dead on, however its much better than any of the photos I took within that set. The one that I took, i showed you my best effort, the other 2 was worst, they were focused on the couch.

In conclusion, its only fair I should hand over all my cameras and assets to the 5 years old and develop film for him.

Nikon Nikkormat FT
AIS 50mm 1.4
HP5+ XTOL 1+2 Rotary

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