I Forgot How Beautiful Plus-X Is

  Saturday me and my girlfriend drove over to Holland to look for something to do. Wandered into a Riley’s Camera that I stopped by about a year or so ago. I usually buy a roll or two of film if I have any extra cash with me just to support local business sorta say. Saw they still got some plus X on the shelf so I told him I’d get 2 rolls of 24exp, it was overpriced (well if you think local its not, if you compare to online it is), but you know. He looked at the box and said well, they are a little outdated so lets take 20% of it. I said, alright, are those 36exp expired too? Sure was, so i walked outta there with 2 rolls of  24exp and 2 rolls of 36exp for about 18 bucks.

  Been a while since I shot any PX. And when I did i was shooting 120 which they stopped making even before the 35mm. The last roll of 120 PX I shot with my 645 was perfect. But for 35mm, I don’t expect anything spectacular.

  Well I tell you what, shot 2 rolls of it through the weekend, just developed it and I came up with one conclusion. – TMX (TMAX 100) got nothing on Plus X.

  Armed with a Nikon F4 with a Waist Level Finder, I loaded a roll of Plus X in and headed to the Holland Light House / State Park.

  Before we look at photos, I want to talk a little about the gear. I recently acquired the WLF thinking it will help doing street photography. As i found out from the EXA (Also Equipped with WLF), people do not response to the camera as angry with a WLF as you point it to the “eye to eye” with the normal prism. So I spent quite a chunk of change to buy the WLF for the F4. Well, the problem with doing street photography around this area is: There are not that many people on the street, that means I am easily spotted out, which is not good if i want candid photos. Now, I think the F4 is a little humongous with the MB21, which, indeed I did, scare people away or give me “funny” looks after I snapped their photo, unlike the EXA. However, the glass for the F4 is much better. I guess I will have to find an MB20 to make the F4 smaller and less scary/serious.

  Another observation, since there aren’t many people on the street, I figured I’ll use my 35-70 AF Nikkor (but manual focus) at 70mm so I don’t have to walk to close to the subject. Well the results are quite meh comparing to the AIS 50mm 1.4 (starts half way through this post) That means I’ll either stick with my 50mm or maybe look for a 85mm.

It was rather windy and cold on Saturday. One of my favourite shot of the roll.


  • Nikon F4 with WLF
  • Kodak Plus X 125 PX
  • Kodal XTOL 1+@ Rotary

11 thoughts on “I Forgot How Beautiful Plus-X Is

  1. Fantastic work. Plus-x was always my favorite film bar none. T-Max 100 never held a candle to it. I will have to dig out the several outdated rolls I have now. Thanks for the spark!

    • Hey thanks for the compliment, and glad to ignite that spark. Plus X is awesome but sadly it’s discontinued, I’ve heard the ORWO UN something is pretty close to PX, you should try it out if you haven’t yet!

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