Velvia 50

  I spent about 6 months shooting this roll of Velvia 50 with my Mamiya PRO. I sent it off to Old School Photo Lab / Photosmith at Dover, NH for development. Cost me $11 dollars but both ways shipping is covered. They did a fantastic job as you can see from the photos. I highly recommend that lab, given if they don’t lose your negatives in the mail. My roll of portra was lost in the mail from them in 2013.

  The roll of velvia been in one of the 645 back for about 6 months, i started shooting at the end of the summer in Midland, and then just got done shooting it up in Irons. Here’s my conclusion. If you have great lights and a colorful scene, velvia 50 will make it look prettier. If you have some plain lights and color, and that’s exactly what you will get. You really got about 5 stops or so that’s usable, on the safe side.

Still got another roll of this stuff in the fridge! I’ll shoot it some other day when I get something exciting enough.

5 thoughts on “Velvia 50

  1. Thanks for sharing your Velvia experience! Always thought it looked great for fall colors (occasionally a little over the top) and sunrise / sunsets with lots of pink and purple too. Great to see a site dedicated to the silver stuff. 🙂

    • Remember velvia 50 excels with red, blue, and yellow! And they really do, when its there!
      And thank you for the positive feedback!

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