Kiaya 645

       Photo shoot for my neice.

  • Mamiya 645 PRO
  • Sekor
  • Ultrafine Extreme 400 in 120
  • D76 Stock
  • Last 2 shots with Nikkormat EL / 50mm f2 NAI /  Mystery Tri X 5063
Easily one of my favourite photos of the year.

Easily one of my favourite photos of the year.



Further Reading:

Ultrafine Xtreme 400 – 135
Ultrafine Xtreme 400 – 120
Ultrafine Xtreme 100 – 135
Ultrafine BW 400 (Old) – 135

6 thoughts on “Kiaya 645

  1. What the hell is mystery tri-x and that indoor shot on the pattern looks amazing. there are a couple soft focus shots that could be sharper…but overall these are great work with your tools. wonder what you’d accomplish with a horseman? change the face of photography?

    • The mystery tri x is what Shawn gave me half year ago. They are all reloaded, sometimes 16exp sometimes 26, sometimes great, sometimes horrible. Sometimes they are ISO 100, sometimes close to 400. All of the 645 are sharp just the stupid theme resized my photos less than 600 wide the original. Oh Joe you know I ain’t changing nothing I am almost to the point of putting down my camera less something interesting comes across.

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