Additive / Tri Color Photography Experiment

Inspired by a Technicolor movie I just watched, I decided to do an additive color experiment.


  • Rolleiflex T
  • Lucky SHD 100 (Respooled onto Tri X backing paper)
  • D76 1+1
  • Cokin Red (hand held) , Cokin Blue (hand held), and A Bay 1 Tiffen Green.
  • They are roughly R +3 , B +1 and G +3 Stops.

You will have to expose 3 different frames, 3 times, with each filter, make sure you apply the appropriate filter factors for each frame/filter. You want them to have the same density, that is very important! I do not have a 3 frame projector, or wanted to attempt to print that in the darkroom. So I simulated the results on the computer with scanned negatives.

  I left them in strips of 3, and marked down R G and B on the negative so I won’t get them mixed up. When you scan them, you want to put the strip underneath a piece of glass and scan all 3 at the same time. 1st they all will be flat, 2nd, if they are tilted horizontally, they all will have the same amount of tilt. It will make your life much easier when you try to line them up later.

Cut them out and paste all of them onto the same document with 3 separate layers. Turn correct layer to R, G and B, respectively. Use the Screen option on the layers, and then you line it up.

And you will get something like this. Obviously, you noticed this photo has some issues. 1st, its probably not perfectly lined up. 2nd, it was windy, everything was all over different places in the 3 exposures. But you get the idea.

  This is another attempt, you can still tell the clothes were at different spots from different exposures because of the wind. However, what you see is known as the Harris Effect, the rainbow color it produced. When you look at the rest of the photos, the colors seems good, obviously there are lots of tweaking can be done, this is just a test, and it shows you all kinds of possibility. One day I will work out how to print this in the dark. But then I will probably need some color chemicals.


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