Kari’s People Watching Journey In Chicago

  First of all, lets not get technical here. And the biggest surprise and the story behind it is at the very end of the post. We went down to Chicago last week end. By the time we got into Chicago, my girl friend said “too bad I forgot my camera”. Well, guess what? She spoke to the right person! However, while I wasn’t thinking ahead for someone else and bring something AF, all I could do was to take out the Lucky SHD in the spare Konica Autoreflex T with the Hexanon 58mm 1.4. Iloaded it with some Fuji Xtra 400 24EXP (set to 200 because of unknown age) and hand it over to her, leaving me with the FE and the Flex. Camera is shutter priority, so I simply down scale the shutter speed as its getting darker through out the day.  She asked for a quick run down of the camera at the millennium park parking lot, I said “Unlock, focus, click, thats all you have to do”.

  Now I want you to be aware of she does know how to use manual focus very well, besides I wasn’t smart enough to remember to explain the micro-prism to her either. After looking at the photos, just imagine if I brought her an AF camera, or taught her the trick of hyper focal. I was actually wondering if she will get better stuff than I did. Getting right in front of people when she saw something interesting, it was sure fun and proud to see.

  By the way, this is not street photography alright, as she’d call it, “People Watching”. Here we go.

The Surprise

The most interesting shot of them all. If you read what I said earlier, I gave her a roll of 135/24. By the time we were walking back to the car 2-3 hours later. She asked me “when is this roll gonna end, its at 34(or something)”. I said “Wait a minute, 34? its a roll of 24EXP! It should have stopped at 25 or 26”. At this time I was worried If I’ve done the same thing when I went up to leeland with the Autorelfex TC, the leader fell off the take up spool. Long story short I didn’t load the film right and I did not get one single frame. After that conversation, she continue shooting with it. I asked, “why you even bother, its either not loaded right or you stripped the sprocket holes.”

  Now really, I should have kept my mouth shut. But good thing was, she didn’t listen to me. We got back to the car, started to rewind the film, oh it was there, so I loaded right! Took it to walgreen the next day. When it came back, I found out I was wrong once again. The sprocket holes at the edge didn’t strip, but it was kinked and sorta crumbled up at that spot. That would explain why the  the camera kept winding.

  The photo above was a roughly, 11 multiple exposure of Chicago. Look at it close, and now back up away from the computer, you will see more and more stuff. Now you all tell her how awesome she did.

Now, where are my stuff? Well first I am waiting for my XTOL, secondly I will have to see if they are even any good.

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