May 2012

  May 2012 Mega Blog Post, Since I been slacking here’s about a month worth of photos, and further down it is the better they are. Little bit of Konica T, most of it Minolta X700 and PF Rokkor 55 1.9. Some Fomapan 400 and lots of Tri X 400. All developed in XTOL. Oh right there is a roll of Ferrania 200 c41 in there too, should have brought more film out that one day. Well, shall we?

  • Konica Autoreflex
  • Minolta X700 -PF Rokkor 55mm f1.9
  • Ferrania 200 C41
  • Fomapan 400
  • Kodak Tri X 400 TX

4 thoughts on “May 2012

  1. Wow! Impressing again. The pictures have this pulling factor. They make you feel being there, where you have been. They tell a story. No “Kitsch”. A very personal view. I like most the water boy and the vote for me guy.

    • Surprised that your favorite shots are in c41, first time I used that film, colors are unique and first time I have to De-saturate a negative scan. Thanks for your support!

  2. aaaaannnd…..a tiny pano. I remember one version of this. What did you change? Also, I like this extended blog version. It gives me a bit of a look at your process. There are no bad photos here, some are just more spontaneous than others. its good to see that side of your work.

    • “Tiny” Pano, you don’t think I’d upload the ten foot wide version online would you?

      I always think everything I do nowadays, can’t be anymore spontaneous than that.

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