Frankencamera! MSX1000 with Exakta Mount

New addition to my Frankencamera collection!

First of all, Thanks to A LOT of my friends to make this specific project possible. Notably Joe and Stephanie who donated the MSX body.

I absolutely love my Exkatas for street. However I find the need of a body that can provide precision focus with comfort for different purpose, since most of the focusing screens I have do not have micro prisms (That could be the next project). Also open more opportunity for my array of fine Exakta lenses.

Camera. and Lots of Tools (including angle grinder!), time in the shed, salvaged parts, odds and ends, and a can do attitude.

EXAKTA mount Mamiya MSX1000 with 500DTLfocusing screen.
B to 1/1000 with Hot shoe sync at 1/60
Meter works but I don’t feel the need of it so I did not calibrate it.

What’s next? Think i have to put the E Ludwig Tripet on to get the classic feel on silver.
Feel free to give me crazy ideas, I am thinking about an Argus C3 Mount SLR.

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