I found this very interesting.
The photos were shot right about the same time – well, not precisely the same second.

When you look at a photograph, its a moment frozen in time. With the four sides around it, it’s purely two dimensional. But now you look at this, you have the illusion of it being three dimensional, with the help from a little imagination.

My shot (top) – Yashica Lynx 5000 Tri X
Her shot (bottom) – Maxxum 7000 Gold 200 @ 64


2 thoughts on “Juxtapose

  1. There’s a lot of juxtaposing going on here. The diptych itself starts the process and then each single image has strong juxtaposition. I like the idea that your free in your work and free with your thoughts.I’ll be following and I’ll be around.
    Byrds of a feather flock together…..

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