At The Parade – Afterdark

Film - 417There were a group of musicians with headlamps an flashlights playing Christmas music at the park before the jingle bell parade.

Film - 418I found this little dog infront of the salvation army hot coco stand. This one is for Kagle and Weeks, to satisfy their little dogs fetish.

Film - 422Parade opens with the veterans and flags, you can see how dark it was, 1/4 second didn’t help much. I know it’s rather blurry but I still like this shot for documentary purpose.

  • Yashica Lynx 5000 / Fomapan 400

2 thoughts on “At The Parade – Afterdark

  1. Thanks so much for the ‘like’ on my photo blog; it brought me to yours and, apart from some interesting shots and discussion you also gave me at least one response to my call for pointers to blogs which discuss film photography rather than just post shots. When I’ve a mo’ I’ll have to go through your ‘likers’ and hopefully find some more. I agree partly with your comments on why you turned away from landscape photography, especially about the over-saturation and general colour distortion which I especially hate when it’s the Yorkshire landscape. But that Yorkshire landscape, by which I am surrounded, makes me disagree that you have to travel a lot to make landscape photography interesting. So I retain my interest in picturing the landscape, but am trying to get into street photography so your blog is really interesting – I’m following now. Thanks again.

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