Pub Life

  Been to the pub several times last week with the mighty Yahshica Lynx 5000. Tried to do some low-light stuff because the dim lights are actually full of contrast and have great potential, that is if you are able to capture it.  It was very very hard to focus, or try hold my camera still, while hoping your subject stays still, and not spill my drink. Those are the 8 out of about 30 that are the remotely sharp, and interesting ones. Cheers.


  • Tri X @640 / Xtol 1+1  /  1/4 – 1/15 @ 1.8  / Yashica Lynx 5000

6 thoughts on “Pub Life

    • You should fix your Lynx 14, it should be an half hour job. I also have a 14E myself. However, the reason why I’d use my Lynx 5000E for these were, apparently, the 5000 and 5000E RF is brighter than the 14E, you’d think it is the other way around. I can hardly focus with the 5000 in that light already. I will have to see what I can do about that RF unit in the near future. Other than the the 14 is fantastic, especially with the 58mm filter thread!

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